Who & What


It became clear that Greg Mudarri and Noah Wolf shared many of the same beliefs regarding art and beyond while working side by side in Formosa, their band circa 2004. While the band was a short lived project, creating only a single EP, the embryo of Pass The Fist which incubated in their minds, and grew strong through their discussions, became only ever more important to the pair over the intervening years. Pass The Fist is a project that begins with two, but as the name suggests, has the desire to be carried forward by the many and any who heed its call.

Noah Wolf is a Washington D.C. native. He played music from a young age while watching his father direct Bolshevik plays, his sisters choreograph, paint, write, sing, and organize, and his mother weave the stories of a thousand cultures. None of this was done solely (often not even slightly) for payment. A society loses its way when art become inextricably linked to commerce, commerce strangles art and makes it its servant. Noah hopes to do his small part to combat this through Pass The Fist. Currently he plays guitar and sings in Wreck of the Zephyr and operates Pass the Fist in Los Angeles, California.

Greg Mudarri grew up north of Boston. He became infatuated with origami art and Japanese culture at age 5 and began creating his own art as a result of these influences. He started his first band with his best friend in 1994 and has been writing music ever since. He hopes to continue visual and musical artistic expression freely via Pass The Fist. He currently resides in Tokyo, Japan.


Pass The Fist was started essentially as a record label, but feeling bound by such a moniker, we dropped the word “records” so we could focus on the art. Pass The Fist is an organization developed to conserve the physicality of art with music and otherwise. We aren’t against technology, but if you obtain anything from us our intention is that you won’t just be getting digital files but a piece of meaningful art you will want to have and hold on to, just like the good old days.