Wreck of the Zephyr


Fall 2008 – July 2015
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Noah Wolf – vocals, guitar
Dave Paige – drums, vocals
Eric Gosselin – bass, vocals

The Wipers, The Descendents, The Microphones, Fugazi, Dischord Records, SST, John Fahey, Neil Young, Lightning Bolt, Nina Simone

Hundred and Thousands, Formosa, Norrin Radd, V-1 Irrational


Existing somewhat outside of the buzzy LA-Underground, Wreck of the Zephyr is a three-piece powerhouse worth following. This trio of friends is just as tight as their frenetic music, having known each other a decade now. First in Boston and now LA,  Noah, Dave, and Eric have played together in many bands, including Hundreds & Thousands, Norrin Radd, V-1 Irrational, and Formosa. Wreck of the Zephyr binds the best qualities of each. The songs are fast, frenzied, but intensely catchy: the addictive angst of indie rock with a punk undercurrent that’s been likened to The Wipers and The Descendents. “The energy of the music and the earnest of the lyrics floors me,” reviews Razorcake. “When I first put this on my record player I was nervous it wouldn’t sound as great as it does live, but somehow it does.” They have released two 7”s on their own Pass The Fist imprint and one full length, “For Helen” in October 2011. Shroud in an unshakable DIY ethos, both the band and the record are a questioning sonic spiral of mayhem and folk chops, hovering dizzyingly above a manic pit of incensed love. They have stormed up the west coast twice and completed a US tour in the aftermath of the October 2011 “For Helen” release.

A second album, “After Myths of Youth” was completed in 2015 before the band entered what they referred to as a “Fugazi style hiatus”, and it has yet to be released by Pass the Fist, though it is available on their bandcamp page. New member Adrian is featured on backing vocals.


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Review: Maximum Rock N’ Roll (January 2012)

There is something to be said for awesome packaging like a partially homemade gatefold sleeve with a big booklet that looks like a children’s book. What is even more awesome is when you put the record on and it’s good. These folks play quirky, catchy, upbeat pop-punk songs that have tons of hooks. At times there are certain elements of of porch punk that come into the mix like country drum beats and some twang in the guitar but it doesn’t take over the whole record. Fans of stuff on Plan-it-X Records should search this out. (PA)

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Wreck of the Zephyr New Year News Flash

Wreck of the Zephyr is bound to have a lot in store this year. A split 7-inch with the band Dumb Love will be released shortly, with a U.S. tour of both bands to follow in April. Be sure to keep up to date on the news page for the latest info and the shows page for tour dates and locations.


Hear some clips/Buy it: wreckofthezephyr.bandcamp.com

Wreck of the Zephyr LP Is Coming Together!

The Wreck of the Zephyr full length has an official release date! The record, "For Helen", is being released as a hand-bound illustrated book and will be available on October 25th. More details as we formalize everything! Check the works page to see some of the AMAZING illustrating, all done by Gaelle Lalonde!