PTF006: For Helen

  • Wreck of the Zephyr’s first full length LP, 12″ vinyl record
  • 11 songs, 39:07 total time
  • Hand-bound illustrated book
  • 500 initial pressing
  • First 300 on transparent purple vinyl


In the advent of a digital era, where many perceive the physical album to be a dying art, Wreck of the Zephyr’s first, “For Helen”, goes against the grain. Released on the Pass The Fist imprint, an organization who advocates that creativity need not end at the studio door, the record has been pressed on 12″ vinyl (transparent purple for the first 350) and comes with a hand-bound book full of captivating illustrations, juxtaposing Wolf’s clever and passionate lyrics. Like the chicken and the egg, you’ll have a hard time deciphering which came first: the music or visual accompaniment. With this album, they go hand in hand.

Wreck of the Zephyr – FOR HELEN

Side A
1. What Nature Bred 4:20
2. The Rolling Over Process 3:38
3. Ignition 4:14
4. Rhythm In My Bones 3:38
5. 40 Stories 3:49

Side B
6. The Mark I Made Is Fading 3:39
7. History 3:13
8. Big Brass Oven 2:25
9. Building Blocks 3:37
10. Through And Through 3:43
11. I Can’t Wait For You To Get

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